General Gymnastics

Open to all ages and abilities, General Gymnastics covers the full spectrum of the sport of gymnastics from pre-school through to all levels of recreation, displays and festivals. There are a huge range of clubs within the region affiliated with British Gymnastics, so not matter what age or discipline you are interested in there is a club close to you.

Schools Program

Looking to partner with club, use their facility or get some support or training for your staff? There are a number of Clubs in Kent who offer advise, facilities and training to private, comprehensive and special needs schools. Find your closest club today.

Home Schooling

Are you looking for some inspiration for PE lessons as part of your chils cirriculum – many of the Kent Clubs now have classes during the day whilst gyms are nice and quite. It’s a great way to meet other carers and parents whoa re home schooling and is proving very popular with the children and parent/carers.

Floor & Vault

Floor and Vault is designed for girls and boys above General Gymnastics level. The focus is on key core skills, coupled with flexibility, strength and conditioning training. An element of fun is maintained, in order for the groups to enjoy their gymnastics.

Team Gym

TeamGym is a team competition for clubs and consists of three sections: women, men and mixed teams. In each of the three disciplines a team comprises between 6 and 12 gymnasts and can exhibit gymnastic skills in three different disciplines: floor, trampette and tumbling. All 3 require effective teamwork, excellent technique and spectacular acrobatic elements. The competitions generate an excellent spirit and atmosphere and are attractive and exciting for participants and spectators.


Play is a serious business; it should be a fun, enjoyable activity, which stimulates the development of mind and body. A good pre-school gym experience can provide social, physical, lingual & intellectual, creative & emotional awareness and improve concentration, competence & confidence.

Participants learn how to use different objects to help them practise basic skills such as crawling, walking (running) rolling, hopping, jumping, throwing and catching. They are encouraged to use imagination on adventures, in fairy stories and listening and moving to nursery rhymes, songs and music.

My Club

My club is a British Gymnastics initiative targeted at keeping 11-16 year olds involved in gymnastics. It is often a drop off point for young people – something which we are keen to avoid happening. The My Club programme is designed to give young people a big input into their training and should also provide a pathway into adults gymnastics or coaching, judging or other roles in the sport.


GymFit is a programme which can be used to improve the general fitness and physical condition of your participants via a series of fun and challenging exercise work cards. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced work cards which work the upper body, lower body, core and cardio vascular system. The programme is flexible in application and is suitable for a wide range of ability groups. It can be adapted for use by small or large groups, individuals and disabled participants. GymFit can take place in any gymnastics environment and is open to British Gymnastics registered participants under the supervision of a minimum level 2 coach.

Adult Gymnastics

Are you looking to continue your gymnastics journey as an adult or fancy giving it a go for the first time – there are a number of clubs in Kent who have adult classes, and if your are up for it there is even a chance to compete at national competitions, in Artist, Trampolining and Acrobatic.


Gymnaestrada is a world-wide, non-competitive FIG Gymnastics for All event held every 4 years across the awarded city. It is the world’s largest Gymnastics event with over 20,000 participants from around 50 nations taking part. The event is open to all and a fantastic opportunity with no pressure of skill level in a routine or to be a particular standard.

Adults and children of every age and description perform. Countries from around the world come together to showcase their talent and the culture of their various countries.

The non-competitive festival takes place over 7 days, with a jam packed schedule, including an Opening and Closing Ceremony, Team Performances, Great British whole delegation large group performances as well as an International Team performance. Teams can perform up to 5 times throughout the week, as well as, having the chance to see performances from other federations in their national evenings and the best of the best in the FIG Gala.