Acrobatic (Acro)

A dramatic visual discipline popular with spectators, Acrobatic Gymnastics includes partnership work on the floor where there are five categories of competition, women’s pairs, men’s pairs, mixed pairs, women’s trios and men’s fours. Did you know that there are several members of the GB Team that train right here in Kent! Internationally, Tumbling is part of the Trampolining discipline, however in the UK it sits within the Acrobatic Gymnastics family.


This discipline is both physically and psychologically demanding. It involves gymnasts working closely together, building up trust and responsibility for each other and developing skills in balance and dynamic elements. Acrobatic Gymnastics combines the skill and activity of the gymnast, expressive movement and artistry of a dancer and the courage and excitement of the acrobat.

Stock, Jenkins, Jenkins – Women’s Group Dynamic Final – 2019 Acrobatic European Championships

British Gymnastics video of Cowler, Jaggers – Mixed Pair Dynamic Final – 2019 Acrobatic European Championships

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