Gymnastic & Trampoline Disciplines

Gymnastics introduces people from a very early age, to the benefits of a healthy life style leading to a huge variety of opportunities and rewarding non-­competitive and competitive sport. Taking part in gymnastics not only gives participants a huge amount of pleasure but also encourages self-confidence and develops motivated, fit and happy people. The diversity of the sport, varying equipment, and a mix of skills and competencies have created a sport that meets the needs of a wide range of participants. For sheer beauty, elegance and sensational displays of strength and courage there are few sports that can match gymnastics.

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General Gymnastics

This is a great introduction to gymnastics for children of school age to participate in each week for both fun and fitness. The skills gained compliment many other sports with activities building on flexibility, co-ordination, balance, strength and stamina.

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Women's Artistic

One of most watched Olympic Sports Womens’ artistic onstantly challenges and requires control, coordination, artistry and a huge amount of courage. Find out more about the discipline that has made Beth Tweddle, Amy Tinkler, Claudia Fragapane or Georgia-Mae Fenton household names.

Men's Artstic

Men’s Artistc (MAG) consists of proving strength on all six pieces of apparatus, his discipline for men and boys regarded by many as the most technically demanding of all sports. Be sure to follow the journey of Kent’s very own Olympic hopefuls, James Hall and Courtney Tulloch coached by GB coach Ionut Trandaburu.

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Trampoling, DMT + Tumbling

Trampolining, DMT + Tumbling is a thrilling division of gymnastics, which builds strength and incorporate gymnastics moves and skills, you can participate recreationally or if you get a taste for it join one of the many competitive squads and follow in the footsteps of the likes of Katherine Driscoll and Nathan Bailey.

Acro ( Acrobatic)

Acrobatic Gymnastics, Acro for short, combines dance and the strength of gymnastics in a partner sport that displays grace, strength, flexibility and excitement through carefully crafted choreography.


Rhythmic is a graceful and challenging branch of gymnastics which requires skills balances, flexibility, coordination. It is performed on a floor with a hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon or rope, individually or as a team.

Disability / Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Disability Gymnastics helps develop and provide training and competitive opportunities for all disabled people with any impairment. This discipline enables gymnasts to gain confidence, friendships. The region is proud to have several GB champions who are members of the Kent Squad.

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Team Gym

The first official competition was held in Finland in 1996, so its a relative new division of gymnastics. Athletes perform gymnastic skills as a group in three different disciplines – floor, tumbling and trampette and a judged on technical ability and teamwork.

FreeG / Parkour

FreeG is club based activity set up by British Gymnastics, it brings Parkour and Free running indoors so you can trick, flip and tumble using specially designed equipment – it is especially popular with teens who are looking for a safe place to gain or improve on their skills.


Cheerleading is the athletic performance of stunts, tumbles, jumps and dance, there are whole load of types of cheerleading. Cheer his not governed by KGA or BG, though some Kent Clubs run classes – find out how to get involved following the links below.