2014 Kent Floor and Vault Championships

Kent Floor & Vault Championships

This year’s Kent Floor & Vault individual championships is due to be held at Maidstone Leisure Centre over the weekend of 7 and 8 June.


Saturday 7 June: Advanced, Bronze, Silver and Gold
Sunday 8 June: Key Step, Novice and Intermediate


The criteria used for this competition is available by clicking the links below. It is the Kent variation of the SE Regional F&V criteria. Please study the criteria and guidelines carefully to ensure that your gymnasts are working at the correct level. Please print off copies for ALL coaches who will be teaching your gymnasts.

 Criteria  F&V skills  Key Step

Vault heights

Due to the large number of participants expected, in Kent we allow two vault heights: 110 cm for all gymnasts aged up to 10 years old; and 120 cm for all gymnasts who have (or have already had) their 11th birthday in 2014 or older.

Advanced level

This new level was introduced last year and sits as an optional stepping stone between Intermediate and Bronze. However, clubs can choose whether to move intermediate gymnasts to Advanced or straight to Bronze. Those who have already competed at Bronze cannot go back to advanced.

Novice level – hours stipulation

To ensure a competitive level playing field at Novice level, entry levels will be split according to the number of hours of gymnastics involvement undertaken by the gymnast.

Category A – up to 2 hours
Category B – up to 4 hours

Coaches must state on the entry form how many hours a Novice participant is involved in gymnastic activities per week and sign a declaration that this is correct.


Entry forms (please read criteria in full before completing entry forms)

Forms MUST be completed correctly IN BLOCK CAPITALS with all details of contact numbers included, and accompanied with correct entry fees and participation cheque.

Completed forms must be sent by Monday 19 May at the very latest. You may email them to Jan How but also send them in the post. Late, incorrect or incomplete entries will not be accepted after 19 May.

Flat Back – Please indicate gymnasts doing the flat back vault option, where allowed, by ticking the ‘FB’ column against their name on the form (Int, Advanced and Bronze (10 and Under) only).

Intention Slips must also be sent as hard copies to Jan How by Friday 23 May.

All gymnasts participating must be members of BG and belong to a club that is affiliated to Kent Gymnastics Association.

Competition Entry Fee

The fee for each gymnast to compete at this competition is £12 per gymnast. The entry fee must be paid by the club at the time of entering the competition. Therefore please attach a cheque payable to ‘Kent Gymnastics’ for the total amount (= total no. of gymnasts X £12).

Please note – this entry fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Please send a separate cheque for £100 for the participation fee*


For the competition to run smoothly, all participating clubs will need to nominate judges for both days (the Saturday and the Sunday). The competition dates have been published since November 2013 to allow clubs time to plan ahead. Judges will be allocated evenly to ensure fairness, and where possible, we will do our best to use them for one day instead of two.

You must include your nominated judges’ details on the entry form for it to be accepted. If you write ‘TBC’ or leave it blank we will not be able to accept your entry. Clubs who have genuine difficulties providing a judge must contact Jon Green as a matter of urgency, and well before the closing date. It might be necessary to levy a charge of £50 to clubs who do not provide a judge to enable the committee to obtain a Judge on their behalf, this will be at the discretion of the GGTC.


By entering this competition, you agree to provide all help required as detailed below.

*Each club is required to send a participation cheque for £100 payable to Kent Gymnastics with their entries. This cheque will be returned unused or shredded after the competition, providing the club helped as required.

Set-up Friday night

The six participating clubs* closest to Maidstone will be required to send at least one adult to help Continental set up the floor on the Friday night, from 7.30 pm at Maidstone Leisure Centre. It could be a coach, parent, committee member, older gymnast, older members of a Leadership Academy, etc. It should take around an hour. *Relevant clubs will be contacted, once all entries are in, to nominate their adult helper. Any volunteer helping to set up on the Friday will be eligible to claim for their out of pocket travelling expenses.

De-rig Sunday afternoon

One coach from each club in the final round on Sunday will be required to stay and help Continental to de-rig the floor. This takes a little over half an hour.

Parental helpers

Each club is required to nominate two reliable parents to run the spectator entry desk and handle cash. They will be required for a time period of around half an hour before a round starts until the second half of that round. We will, as far as possible, make sure their entry desk duty coincides with when their child is competing.


The GGTC would like to invite Leadership Academies from any interested club, whether participating or not, to help with the running of this competition. Around 5 or 6 members will be needed in each round for the following main tasks:

Taking general warm ups; Time keeping; Acting as ‘runners’ ; Assisting apparatus managers; Managing the medal table and assisting with medal presentations; Assisting with Judges’ refreshments; Sorting gymnasts music (Saturday only); Playing gymnasts music for floor routines (Saturday only); and liaising with centre staff.

If your Leadership Academy would like to help, please email giving details of names, ages and if they have a preferred day and time period during the competition weekend to help. Please also indicate a point of contact for the Leadership Academy for correspondence who must be aged at least 18.

Ideally we would appreciate help from Leadership Academy volunteers who are old/mature enough to take responsibility for these important tasks.


Each club will be given one printed copy of the scores after each round. The final scores will be emailed to clubs after the competition. Under no circumstances must a coach or parent approach any Judge.


Coaches are respectfully reminded that the duty of care for their gymnasts remains with them from registration through to presentation. Gymnasts should not be permitted to leave the competition area without the coaches consent, nor should they return to the audience during their round.


Please advise parents of the following spectator fee, and to bring CASH on the day. We will not accept cards or cheques. Aggressive and rude behaviour towards volunteers and officials WILL NOT be tolerated.

£5 adult, £3 child; Family of 1 adult + 2 children: £10; 2 adults + 2 children: £15.

We would encourage clubs to bring banners and mascots for use in the auditorium as it helps to create a good supportive atmosphere for the gymnasts taking part.

Any queries please contact Jon Green:

General Gymnastics Technical Committee:

Dave Ansell, Jan How, Carol Ratcliff, Carolyn Beaty, Eileen Noble, Rhiannon Noble, Hannah Taylor, Lara Paterson, Chantelle Harman and Jon Green.

24 April 2014