Trampolining Gymnastics

This exhilarating sport includes four sub disciplines; Individual, Synchronised, Double Mini Trampoline and Tumbling.


This Olympic event requires a ten-element routine, which must start and end on the feet consisting of differing numbers and shapes of rotations and/or twists performed on a trampoline. The competitions are made up of three routines - the preliminary round where gymnasts compete a compulsory (set) exercise, and a voluntary piece followed by a final round voluntary routine for the leaders.


This sport is similar to Individual but performed by two trampoline gymnasts (on separate trampolines) attempting to be mirror images. Extra scores are evaluated on the degree of difference between performances.

Double Mini Trampoline (DMT)

This is a powerful and exciting sport. Trampoline gymnasts compete in four passes, two preliminary and two final passes for the leaders. Each pass consists of two skills, the first performed on either of two areas on the apparatus followed by the dismount onto a landing mat.

Tumbling (TUM)

Internationally, Tumbling is also part of the Trampolining discipline, however within the UK it sits within the Acrobatic Gymnastics family.

Tumbling is a highly spectacular sport requiring a combination of speed, rhythm, spatial awareness, co-ordination, power and strength. Gymnasts perform a series of eight elements including straight and twisting somersaults along a 25m track.












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