Men's Artistic Gymnastics

Men perform on six pieces of apparatus for the Olympic discipline of Men's Artistic Gymnastics. This discipline offers a variety of exercises for men and boys regarded by many as the most technically demanding of all sports. Each of the six pieces of apparatus require incredible agility, strength, balance and co-ordination.


The Floor exercise includes skills in tumbling, balance, strength and flexibility and is performed on a sprung 12m x 12m floor.

Pommel Horse

A routine on Pommels is composed of smooth, continuous pendulum type swings and circling movements of the legs. All parts of the horse should be used with a combination of double leg circle, scissor movements and handstands. This is regarded by many as the most difficult apparatus to master.


A gymnast on the rings displays a variety of movements demonstrating strength support and balance. They perform swings and holds requiring considerable strength with both forward and backward elements finishing with an acrobatic dismount.


This is a dynamic exercise from a springboard over a vaulting table 135cm high. It demonstrates power and accuracy combining height and length, often with multiple rotations or twists at the highest levels to finish with a controlled landing.

Parallel Bars

A combination of swinging elements and balances are performed between and across the bars. The gymnast must travel the full length of the apparatus and work on top of the bars as well as below them. The gymnast swings in and out of handstand with giant swings and somersaults between the bars.

High bar

The High Bar incorporates swinging and flight movements including changes of grip and the gymnast releasing and re-catching the bar at 2.75m high. This piece of apparatus is considered one of the most spectacular aspects of gymnastics.










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