Introduction to Gymnastics

Breathtaking to watch and exciting to perform, gymnastics is one of the most popular sports in Great Britain with an estimated four million people taking part on a regular basis (source 'Young People in Sport, Trends in Participation, Mori 2002). Performance gymnasts demonstrate amazing skill, exceptional strength and great courage, however Gymnastics is a sport that offers everyone a fun, social and exhilarating activity from babies at 8 weeks old to veterans of 88 years+.

BBC Radio 2's Chris Evans recently tried gymnastics as one of the 'Breakfast Show Sporting Challenges' and he said afterwards it was one of the most enjoyable things he had ever done. So if he can try it, anyone can! You can watch the video of Chris Evans doing it here:

Gymnastics introduces people from a very early age, to the benefits of a healthy life style leading to a huge variety of opportunities and rewarding non-­competitive and competitive sport. Taking part in gymnastics not only gives participants a huge amount of pleasure but also encourages self-confidence and develops motivated, fit and happy people.

Gymnastics remains an important aspect of every child's Physical Education at school because participation in Gymnastics develops body awareness, strength, flexibility, control and co-ordination, which can be drawn upon during other physical activities, sports and in everyday life.

The diversity of the sport, varying equipment, and a mix of skills and competencies have created a sport that meets the needs of a wide range of participants. For sheer beauty, elegance and sensational displays of strength and courage there are few sports that can match gymnastics.

Disciplines within gymnastics and trampoline:

General Gymnastics (Gymnastics for all)
Women's Artistic
Men's Artistic Gymnastics
Trampolining Gymnastics
Rhythmic Gymnastics
Acrobatic Gymnastics
Aerobic Gymnastics
Gymnastics and Movement for people with disabilities (GMPD)



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Page updated: 13 January 2013