Excecutive Committee

Following the Annual General Meeting held on 28 November 2917, the following members were elected on to the Executive Committee:

Chair: Geoff Turner
Vice Chair: Aurelia Mattioli
Secretary and Communications: Jon Green*
Treasurer: Jo Ghinn
Membership officer: Jacky Leman
Welfare Officer: Jan How
Member: Emma Shuttlewood

*Contact Jon Green, Secretary on 07754 801206 or email him.

Joint Technical Committee

Chair: Geoff Turner
Women's Artistic: Geoff Turner
General Gymnastics (including Floor & Vault): Jon Green
Men's Artistic: vacant
Trampoline: Dexter Millen

GMPD: Gill Cutterham
ACRO: Jane Hyams/Linda Packman
Rhythmic: Anna Ahmavaara









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